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Released: Apr 21, 2013
Updated: Apr 26, 2013 by nickbro
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Source Code HAP+ Web v9 Full (Wednesday Version)
source code, 9630K, uploaded Apr 24, 2013 - 1536 downloads
Application HAP+ Logon Tracker Installer
application, 638K, uploaded Apr 21, 2013 - 259 downloads
Application HAP+ Quota Service Setup x64
application, 883K, uploaded Apr 21, 2013 - 180 downloads
Application HAP+ Quota Service Setup x86
application, 848K, uploaded Apr 21, 2013 - 119 downloads
Application HAP+ User Card Installer
application, 569K, uploaded Apr 21, 2013 - 191 downloads

Release Notes

This is a major web release:


Upgrade Steps:
  1. Backup your current install
  2. Delete all files except for the App_Data folder
  3. Extract all files except for the App_Data folder from the Web Release

Windows 8 App:

  • Fixed: Issue where updating or filing a ticket would reset to the old layout
  • Added: Permalinks for the help desk
  • Removed: some legacy debug bits from the iCalGenerator
  • Fixed: Issue with non alpha numerical characters in the HTML4 uploader
  • Removed: Debug Lines from the Quota Services
  • Removed: more debug lines from the quota service
  • Increased: Mobile CSS from 768px to 780px
  • Fixed: Multilesson Override
  • Set CSS to nowrap on file name label. This avoids seeing a blank filename if the filename is a long single word, and ensures that you always see file size.
  • Note: The existing text-overflow ellipsis does not appear to take effect.
  • Booking Tile: Exclude from the bookings tile historical bookings that happened in the past. These are display if you have the clean booking xml functionality set to false
  • Fix: Splitting of username containing a \ - I believe we need to use indexof+1 to return just the username part as opposed to \<user>
  • Fix: Pass correct user to AD lookup when using windows authentication. This is mainly tested and works when behind an ISA server + Kerberos environment. - Without this, HomeDirectory is null generating JSON exception in converter.cs-FormatMapping
  • Removed: debug code from the Download handler
  • Fixed: Issue with multilesssons in the booking system
  • Added: Code to regenerate the banned ip cache object if it disappears for some reason on the logon page
  • Exchange: Add initial support for using an Exchange impersonation user.
  • Added: Encryption for the passwords of the SMTP
  • Added: Upgrade script for v9 release Set: Assembly Info to v9
  • Added: Setup page parameters for new exchange stuff
  • Fixed: Consecutive Error messages not disappearing
  • Added: Some features to allow limited use of HAP for internal users via kerberos authentication while keeping forms authentication for external users. Users can get the full features by logging in again using the forms system. Helps with using the HAP+ homepage as an intranet site.
  • Fixed: removed the wrong help load function
  • Feature: Add functionality to support customisable size tiles Note: followup work to remove 'large' as that is effectively 2x1
  • Fix: File upload to work with windows->kerberos auth as per previous commits in files api
  • Moved: Localization script to Web.Config and out of HAPPage
  • Added: Some more localized features to the help desk
  • Added: Ability to 'Assign' a ticket to someone, when you reply to a ticket as an admin you get the ticket assigned to you
  • Fixed: Issue with the Setup page and the drop down lists
  • Fixed: Issue on the Setup page with the lesson type (After School/Before School)
  • Moved: Help Desk tabs to the toolbar
  • Added: isKerberos check for the HAP.AD.User
  • Added: a link to the masterpage, user drop down to bring up the auto logon message again if logged in via kerberos
  • Fixed: Made sure the impersonation ends on the exchange connect for Windows Authentication, regardless of impersonation
  • Fixed: Exchange Impersonation Password was a plain text box, now a password box
  • Fixed: Exchange Impersonation also works when using Kerberos Autologon
  • Updated: Inbuilt live tiles changed to the new width/height system
  • Fixed: Upgrade script to keep existing live tiles at the predefined widths
  • Fixed: IE Auto Logon Error Message/No Auto Logon Message
  • Fixed: IE's Annoying habit of scrolling the homepage instead of letting jQuery do it
  • Added: Code for the Loan type in the booking system
  • Added: DNS Lookup for the internal address lookup, so it only allows the pc's with a DNS entry ending with the AD UPN (AD joined pcs), reverse DNS lookup must be enabled
  • Added: Option to enable/disable nested role lookups
  • Updated: Assembly Copyright Year and Version numbers
  • First Attempt at using NTFS permissions for read/write access
  • Fixed: Missed the Not Clause in the role provider
  • Fixed: The NTFS Permissions Lookup
  • Added: Switch to stop photo handler errors from being logged in the event viewer
  • Fixed: an error with the Photo handler and errors (needs to remove user impersonation)
  • Fixed: error with Me Handler and errors ( needs to remove user impersonation)
  • Fixed: Respect the value of the HidePhotoError config entry when handling errors within the Me tile
  • Added: Javascript rules for NTFS
  • Fixed: jQuery reference in the display page of the booking system
  • Added: MaxLogonAttempts to the settings system
  • Added: Archive Ticket Functionality to the Help Desk
  • Fixed: New NTFS My Files bugs
  • Added: Support for multi-lesson spanned static bookings
  • Added: Redirects to the Booking System Admin page so it redirects users back to the tab they were last on
  • Updated: All scripts to latest version
  • Updated: CSS for latest jquery ui version
  • Removed: Rouge Note on the help desk
  • Added: Code to turn checkboxes into Metro switches
  • Added: previous xml edit only features to the setup page
  • Added: Recursive Lookup Limit for AD Group Lookups
  • Fixed: The jquery scroller css and the updated metro jquery ui theme
  • Added: Swipe functions to the homepage for tablet/smart phones (tested in IE/FF on WP8/W8 Tablet)
  • Added: Booking system theme refresh to support mobile devices
  • Added: Code to stop the user from zooming the page on the booking system/home page when using a mobile device
  • Fixed: IE7 issue with my jQuery plugin, reverted to using hap.common.makeSwitches() instead.
  • Added: 100% width and height for the booking system, should look better on larger screens
  • Changed: Colour of the dialog border to black to match Win8 Modern UI
  • Removed: Some control ID references that aren't needed
  • Added: More Mobile CSS styles
  • Added: Windows 8 My Files App
  • Added: More Windows 8 App Features (multi HAP Sites)
  • Added: CredentailVault to keep user's passwords secure - Windows 8 App
  • Added: More stuff to the Windows Store App
  • Added: New Upload Init to My Files for the W8 App
  • Added: Uploading to the My Files Windows 8 App
  • Fixed: Uploaded Init - Windows 8 App
  • Added: Upload functions to the Windows Store App
  • Added: Private Network Capabilities to the Windows Store App
  • Removed: Size Data from the folder info when just getting info
  • Updated: The Windows 8 App, now going through store approval
  • Fixed: Download issue when a large file is selected
  • Added: Privacy Policy Link
  • Fixed: Issue when downloading a file that has no file type (will use extension in this case)
  • Added: Updated dlls
  • Added: Code to ignores the client api preference, defaults to json unless coded otherwise
  • Fixed: bug in the Windows Store App where some directories didn't act as directories
  • Added: Windows Phone 7/8 App (very basic)
  • Add: Some more changes to hopefully get the app released
  • Added: Some more AD Caching (1 Minute Timeout)
  • Fixed: Issue where the Popups would appear behind the title bar
  • Added: Booking Disclaimer
  • Fixed: CSS Issue with the Booking System Control Panel
  • Added: Code to stop the switch generator if the checkbox has class="noswitch"
  • Updated: Setup for the disclaimer
  • Added: Missing images to source control
  • Fixed: HTML uploader now liking CAPS in the file extension
  • Added: some more help pages
  • Fixed: Setup page where it doesn't use the existing resource type
  • Fixed: Checkbox bug on the setup page
  • Refactor HAP.AD.User Constructor
  • Fixed: Basic Loan System in the Booking System
  • Fixed: Multi Lesson stopping booking emails going out
  • Updated: Documentation
  • Added: Try and Catch statement to catch a wrong Administrator password and create a useful error message
  • Fixed: Extension in CAPS blocks upload even when file type is defined.
  • Added: More caching to the role provider
  • Added: Caching on the ADUtils
  • Added: Code to remove 0:00-0:00 (changed to all day or all week)
  • Fixed setup save button on FirstRun

Reviews for this release

Once again, an excellent release. The Kerberos support works a treat in browsers / situations which support it and automatically redirects to forms login when it can't work. Used by all of our kids and staff regularly and heavily. Not sure how we did without it! Thanks Nick :)
by mattgrimley on Apr 25, 2013 at 10:08 AM