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  1. Go into IIS, and go to the HAP Application
  2. Go into the Machine Key page
  3. Untick all the Checkboxes
  4. Click Generate Keys on the left site, copy these keys to your other server(s) and apply
  5. Open the hapConfig.xml file from the ~/app_data folder on on server
  6. After maintenance="false" add key=""
  7. Go to and copy the Alphanumeric + special characters strings (all 6)
  8. Paste those strings into the key="{pastehere}"
  9. Remove the line breaks
  10. Add salt=""
  11. Refresh
  12. Copy one of the Alphanumeric + special characters strings (just 1)
  13. Paste that string into the salt="{pastehere}"
  14. Set firstrun="true"
  15. Save hapConfig.xml
  16. Run HAP from that server
  17. Re-Enter any password and save the config page
  18. Copy hapConfig.xml to your other server(s)

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