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The timetable plug in is a built in plugin of HAP+ which allows you to display the timetable of user.
  1. See the App_Data folder of the timetable plugin, run the reportdef file in SIMS
  2. Set the employeeID in AD to be the student's UPN
  3. Run HAP+
  4. Login as an Administrator
  5. Go to timetable.aspx
  6. At the top click on Options and run the Conversion script to reduce the file size and make HAP+ like it better
  7. Test by impersonating a student, either by UPN or by username (if employeeID is filled)

You can run a SIMS report to generate an XML file with timetables for each student, which the system can process. If it returns 0 results it will switch to using Exchange Sync.

You can add optional Exchange calendars to display
    <optionalCalendars><calendar calendar="" roles="![Students]" color="#ad3a3a" /></optionalCalendars>

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